On June 28, 2023, the World Trade Center in Pasay City was abuzz with excitement as the first-ever IoT hackathon championship, packetHACKS, led by Packetworx, came to a conclusion.

Four exceptional finalists emerged from five categories: Smart Agriculture, Smart City, Smart Property, Smart Logistics, and Smart Utility. These talented teams have showcased their innovation, creativity, and technical prowess, and the event has served as a testament to the boundless possibilities of IoT technology. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable achievements of the winners and the impact they are poised to make in their respective fields

RISE – Smart Agriculture:
Nurturing Crop Health and Efficiency

RISE leads the leads the charge in agricultural innovation, with their Project Ani, offering a transformative solution via a user-friendly app. With features including Rice Identification models for disease and deficiency checks and Rice Classification models for variety and quality assessment, this app comes complete with a chatbot for queries and preventive measures. Farmers simply snap a photo of their crops through the seamless integration of IoT technology. The device then collects these images, generating data and results that empower farmers to make informed decisions, enhance crop health, and elevate agricultural productivity.

RISE is composed of Yuri Andre D. Custodio, Nathaniel Francis Alinio, and Pauline Angelee Young.

ArtemisPH – Smart Property:
Empowering ESG Excellence

In a world increasingly focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility, ArtemisPH steps in with an advanced cloud-based ESG management platform, Artemis.esg. Artemis uses machine learning and edge-enabled environmental trackers to assess vendor practices, compare performance, and generate comprehensive reports. Addressing ESG gaps, this solution aids stakeholders in making well-informed decisions, setting a pioneering benchmark for responsible property management.

ArtemisPH team is composed of Rey John D. Caballero, Eadrian M. Basila, Jurie Mae A. Castronuevo, Jay Mark B. Ugay, and Lance Philip M. Parungao.

BIMPS – Smart Logistics:
Parking Redefined for Efficiency and Security

BIMPS transforms the parking landscape with an intelligent RFID-based system tailored for bicycles and motorcycles. Through secure locking, RFID card payments, and integrated CCTV monitoring, Bimps revolutionizes parking management. Simplicity, security, and user-centric design converge in this IoT solution, streamlining logistics and enhancing user experience in a rapidly evolving urban environment.

BIMPS team is composed of of Marwin Manalastas, Charles Joseph Adriano, Marco Ray Dalisay, and Angeline Vargas.

Liwad – Smart Utility:
Revolutionizing Water Management with IoT

Liwad is at the forefront of water distribution management innovation, offering an affordable digitization and automation solution. Harnessing the power of IoT technology and a wireless data logger, Liwad seamlessly integrates information and communication technology. Sensor data is transmitted through the cloud for visualization, enabling swift issue resolution by maintenance crews. Liwad’s groundbreaking approach optimizes water distribution systems with unrivaled efficiency and precision.

Liwad team is composed of Engr. Rodolfo A. Jimenez Jr., Christopher P. Berin, and Aiza P. Hernandez.

J-Cube – Smart City:
RFID-Driven Sustainability through Reverse Vending

J-cube introduces an ingenious Arduino-based reverse vending machine that redefines recycling. This visionary system identifies PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans, exchanging them for redeemable points via RFID technology. Supported by a user-friendly mobile app for point tracking and a web application for administrative oversight, J-cube’s solution encourages sustainability and elevates urban environments.

The champions of packetHACKS shine a spotlight on the boundless potential of IoT innovation. Through their ingenious solutions, which seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with real-world necessities, they are helping reshape industries ranging from agriculture to property management and logistics. These breakthroughs underscore IoT’s pivotal role in instigating substantial transformation and igniting inspiration in countless Filipinos to push the frontiers of what can be achieved through IoT technology, creating a future-proof nation for all of us.

J-cube team is composed of John Lester Abaya, John Ashley Gime,
and John Christopher Torcelino.